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  • Sep 13 2022
    Spoon Gordon Ballew Blog

    Do you know what is and is not covered under your automobile insurance policy? Most of my clients come into my office for the first time after a serious car accident with a false sense of security. They’ve been told they have “full coverage,” and assume they are “in good hands,” so to speak. However,  Read more ➝

  • Jun 28 2017

    Injuries and accidents involving motor vehicles are extremely common. An estimated 2.35 million people are injured or disabled due to car accidents each year in the United States while over 37,000 people are killed each year. See the road crash statistics HERE. Auto accidents and injuries cost somewhere around $230.6 billion per year (which equates  Read more ➝

  • May 18 2017
    Spoon Gordon Ballew Insurance Law Attorneys

    Legal assistance is not cheap. A client pays a lawyer for the lawyer’s expertise in specific areas of the law. This is a brief look at some of the most common ways in which a lawyer charges a client for the services provided. Hourly Fees: Hourly billing is the most common type of billing lawyers  Read more ➝